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How to Record Live Streams

RecStreams is the ULTIMATE app for recording steam lives. Download it here:

Recording your favorite Steam videos to watch later or share with friends can be a wonderful way to immerse yourself the experience. If you’re wondering how to record Steam videos, we’ve got you covered with some quick steps:

Step 1: Choose a Recording Software

The first step in recording Live streams is to choose a reliable recording software. There are many options available such as OBS Studio, XSplit, or other screen recording programs.

Step 2: Configure Settings

Once you have your recording software installed, you’ll need to configure the settings. Set the recording quality, audio preferences, and frame rate to your desired specifications.

Step 3: Start Recording

Now that your software is set up, launch the Steam stream you want to record and start the recording session. Make sure to check the settings while recording to ensure everything is captured correctly.

Step 4: Save the Recording

Once you’ve finished recording, save the stream to your device in a chosen format. You can edit the recording further using video editing software if needed.

Step 5: Share and Enjoy

With your Live stream successfully recorded and saved, you can now share it with friends, upload it to social media, or simply replay it whenever you want to relive the memorable moments.

Now that you know how to record Steam videos, don’t miss out on capturing your must-see content. Happy recording!


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